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Project Development

At Aetos Machining, we pride ourselves on quality and delivering accurate on-time projects…. Exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Aetos is your complete machining source for all your all your machining needs:  Prototyping, Custom Fixture Builds, Design, and Precision Machining for large and small parts.

We specialize in working with exotic metals such as:




High Carbon Steel


Exotic Metal Alloys





About Us

Aetos Machine Shop Machine, Machinist, cnc, rare metals, lath, custom,
Aetos Machine Shop Machine, Machinist, cnc, rare metals, lath, custom,

Aetos’s Team has the technology to help you develop even the most complex parts. Our CAD designers will take your project from imagination into reality with the highest precision. · We use SolidWorks for tooling, product design, and complex part designs. · One CNC is use for project programming.

Aetos prides itself with being your 0ne-Stop shop that can handle small simple production runs all the way to large challenging productions. Our goal is to give our customers the value and quality needed to excel in this competitive marketplace. · Aetos’s customer base covers a wide range of projects; from complex surveillance system, to smaller custom job-shop projects. Customers: Surveillance Systems Military - DOD Aviation Automotive Plastics

Aetos Machine Shop supports Experimental Research, Prototype Design and Project Development. Our highly skilled Team provides the technical know-how to get your project into reality. · Design assistance, repairs, fabrication and assembly of laboratory components, equipment and machinery using a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and wood. · Full complement of modern precision tooling and machinery, including CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machi